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Surat, India
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About Us

AUM Health Care is one of the trusted medicine providers of West Zone. We are TM Registered Indian Pharma Company engaged in the marketing of Pharmaceutical formulations. The Company is renowned for its effective, high quality and wide range of products. AUM Health Care is primarily recognized for the Neuro and Psychiatric medicine segment marketing.

AUM Health Care was incorporated in the Year 2011 with a very modest beginning. The promoter and visionary, Mr. Rohit Tilakraj Chadha, has an experience of over 20 years in the Pharma Industry. He established ‘AUM Health Care’, with the manufacturing of medicines at Life Care Neuro Products Ltd. with 100% quality assurance.

We specialize to provide unique competitive brands with affordable prices. Our company policies are flexible for our prospective customers. Apart from Quality products and Affordable Price Medicines we focus on academic activities and encourage doctors for sampling during medical camps which makes us stand out from others.

Philosophies & Values :
We believe in working by Ethical Standards and Practices and for the same, we have been making continuous efforts to upgrade up to the highest multi-national standards of Quality Medicines with affordable prices to offer. The goodness can reach all those who really need it.

Vision & Mission :

Our vision is to be recognized as an Indian Pharma Company/Organization across Nation i.e. PAN India as well as across the Global. Our Mission is to procure uniformly high-Quality Medicines at Affordable Prices.

Range of Medicines :

The medicines by AUM Health Care are highly effective along with cutting-edge technologies to make necessary medications easily available to all patients.

About Mr. Rohit Chadha :

Mr. Rohit has professional experience of more than 2 decades in the Pharma Industry. Before Incorporating AUM Health Care in 2011 he worked for few years with Magnet Labs. Pvt. Ltd. Pharma Company and Mankind Pharma Ltd. During his job tenure, he used to travel through Gujarat and Maharashtra for launching new pharma company products among Doctors so as to create a wholesale network, distributors network & C & F. Mr. Rohit has also participated in many medical conferences so as to have industry updates and developing a professional-client network.
Mr. Rohit incorporated AUM Health Care in 2011 and started participating in Medical Conferences with his own Company Stall among MNC’S. Now he is planning to start Govt. Supply Tender Business and Franchisee Network Supply Chain Business pan India.

Note from Mr. Rohit Chadha :
Greetings from AUM Health Care ! It gives me immense pleasure to share my thoughts with you. It has rightly been said that Competition is your bread and butter and of course, healthy competition enhances your interpersonal skills to prove yourself with innovative selling ideas and provide the highest standards of medicines with affordable prices to humanity so as to create a healthier world.
We believe that the essence of business is to create customer satisfaction through quality products, and business ethics. The growth of the organization naturally follows this style of functioning.